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So it’s January 12th and you’ve already blown it.

What if you’ve already blown your resolution?

Let me be the first to say, It’s ok. Each day is a new opportunity to make a better choice. And you may have made a resolution that had more variables than anticipated. So let’s go back to setting the goals…

  • Choose one thing. (I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but start with one, get a win and then get another…)
  • Visualize what you will look like when you’ve achieved it. (Seeing it in your mind is very powerful, it helps you remember what you want life to look like)
  • Make your rules about it. (When is it happening, how often, etc.)
  • Break it into small pieces. (Step 1….)
  • Track your progress (Maybe every Friday, see how the week went)
  • Make reminders (sticky notes) phone lock screen (I find these so useful, they remind me to stay on track)
  • Focus on the joy in the process. (It’s not a race, it may take a little while to get there, so find the joy in the journey.)
  • Celebrate the success. (Once you get there, celebrate!)

I give you permission to change the goal. If reading the Bible in one year has already gone off the rails, you can start by reading a passage per day. It’s not a race, it’s a journey and if you aren’t a better person for reading that much Bible, what was the point?

Here’s some truths I’ve learned along the way to making resolutions work…

~ People that have great results, have better rules than you do. They figure out what rules they need to create around their goals and they stick to them. If you don’t like the word rule then use boundary. As long as you reinforce the boundary, you’ll get to your goal.

~ It’s one decision and one small step each day to get to where you want. It works positively and negatively.

~ You already have habits and patterns, what is one thing that if you changed, would have the most impact?

~ Get the easy stuff done first. Check them off your list and move on.

~ Is the goal just to get it done, or is the goal to be 1%better today than I was yesterday?


~ A good resolution includes an aspect of “stop this” and “start that” for example: I will stop eating potato chips and start eating air popped popcorn for my night snack. I will stop buying my coffee by the cup and start buying it by the bag to brew at home. I will stop eating out every lunch hour and start making big enough meals at home so I’ll have leftovers. I’ll stop buying coffee every day and buy one coffee per week. Pick your one day and remind yourself that if it’s not Thursday, I don’t buy my latte today. I buy it on Thursdays.

Make today’s decisions the right decisions. You can do it. I believe in you.

Let me know how it goes!





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