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Being brave takes courage.

Being brave takes courage.

Asking for help takes bravery.

Asking for help means being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable leaves you exposed.

Most of us are not comfortable being exposed.

Being exposed means you are transparent – the same in private as you are in public. It means you do what you say. It means you tell the truth when it’s not popular to do so. It might end a friendship, but you will keep your integrity.

What’s your fear right now? Are you afraid to look silly by asking for help? Are you ashamed you’d even need to ask for help?

You are braver than you realize.

Stronger than you know.

Loved more than you can even imagine.

I looked again at all the times God said, “do not fear” and almost always He said those words when someone was already afraid. Isn’t that reassuring? He said it because He knows we will be fearful, but He’s in control. He is there.

As long as we live in this world, we will struggle with fear at times. That simply means we’re human. But we don’t have to stay in fear forever.

Together we will get braver, bit by bit, day by day, finding more courage as we go.

Thanks for walking this path with me, there are rocks and pitfalls along the way, however, we are together. We are stronger than we realize.

Reach out to someone today who might not know you care. Let them know you see them and they are not alone.

You being there means more than you know…

xox Kari



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